Exhibitors can gain access to a library of all available event cinema content, underpinned by intelligent insight.

This will enable cinemas to make the right decisions about a. the content they choose to display, and b. The way in which they choose to display it.

Fans watch event cinema largely because they are passionate about the content on display and enjoy watching it with like-minded contemporaries. Event cinema offers brands the chance to associate with this content, from Opera to Oasis and Ballet to Boxing, Event Cinema provides the very best in live and pre-recorded audio-visual entertainment.

Key exhibitor benefits include:

  • Audience Information

    Geo Demographic, social sentiment, Google search data, previous purchase behaviour.

  • Promotion/Marketing

    Guidelines to best promote specific events - ready made, easy to use promotional assets for each event.

  • Experiential considerations

    Guidelines for how to ensure each event is memorable and enjoyable for all those who attend.

  • Estimated Revenue

    Projections based on projected audience, previous performance, suggested ticket price etc.

  • Commercial support

    Suggestions to secure brand involvement and merchandising linked to specific events.

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